Vision and Objectives

Vision Statement

“The Catholic Educational Institutions in Gujarat, inspired by the message of Jesus Christ, and in collaboration with our staff, parents and well-wishers, are called to impart quality education to our students, particularly the poor, the marginalised backward communities and tribals by inculcating in them human values of universal love and brotherhood / sisterhood and thus enabling them to grow, in an atmosphere of peaceful co-existence, into totally integrated human persons groomed to become instruments of social transformation.”


The Gujarat Education Board of Catholic Institutions (GEBCI) belongs to the Catholic Minority Community (Catholic Diocese in Gujarat). The main objects for which the GEBCI is established are educational.  To further the cause of education particularly amongst its member-constituents and in general through educational institutions’ work and activities in the State of Gujarat, irrespective of race, community, religion, language, social status.

The GEBCI provides guidance to its member-constituents and other educational institutions or educationalists as seek assistance on all matters related to education whether administrative, legal, financial or otherwise, and to follow up their activities.

The objectives of GEBCI includes planning, providing and coordinating provision of services in the cause of education in particular to its member-constituents and especially in the matter of sharing benefits and resources, solving problems of curricula, policies for recruitment and transfer of staff and students, etc.  It helps in promoting related research activities and conduct studies and investigations as necessary on educational matters.  It provides facilities for and to undertake the education, training, work-relationship adjustments and rehabilitation of its members and others in the educational field.

The subsidiary objectives of GEBCI includes, representing its member-constituents before any Court, Tribunal or other concerned authority be it Governmental, Central, State Semi-Government, Municipal, Panchayat or any other local authority in all matters related to education.  The GEBCI represents its cause at State, National and International conferences or committees or organisations for furtherance of aims and objects similar to those of the GEBCI.

The GEBCI helps in setting up panels, study-teams, committees, workshops, seminars, conferences, etc., with a view to carrying out specially designed programmes for in-service training in education and to help render viable, projects schemes and plans, etc., undertaken by its members in the implementation of the GEBCI’s Policies.

It institutes, offers and grants prizes, awards, scholarships and stipends in furtherance of the objects and takes over administration of scholarships and prizes.  The GEBCI collects, organises and disseminates teaching and other material on education, through various media.

The GEBCI encourages and promotes mutual co-operation among member-constituents in particular, through co-curricular and sports activities. It helps in fostering close Manager-Head and Principal / Head-Staff relationships.